About our Development Process

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Phase One:
Business Analysis

Every business is different, every person is different. We take time to understand you and your business and how your idea or project fits in, areas to grow, change or target.

Requirement Discovery

We identify the problem you are trying solve or what you want to achieve — then we can formalise a solution and a plan of action for the steps to come.

Phase Two:
Proof of Concept

Before embarking on a full-blown solution, a quick and dirty concept will be built to identify benefits and problems for a planned solution — a great time to make large changes.

Tune Requirements

We take the initial set of requirements and either adjust them or change direction entirely in order to increase the chances of launching the project successfully to market.

Phase Three:
Develop & Collaborate

The development plan is put into action, this can be done in-house by ourselves or by embedding us within your existing team. We collaborate with your business from start to finish.

Continuous Improvement

Using the Agile paradigm, we will aim to deliver something useful at regular intervals. Giving the business eyes on progress and enabling any reshuffling of priorities.

Phase Four:
Deployment & Support

We launch the project officially or hand over the end product to your business. We will offer support throughout the process and can extend support at anytime if required.


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